Climatic Test Specialist (CTS) Diploma Program

For Whom Intended: Environmental Engineering Specialists (as mandated by MIL-STD-810), environmental test laboratory engineers and technicians, specification writers, equipment designers, and quality and reliability specialists. Those involved with climatic testing; field test measurement and analysis; test methods and conditions of commercial and military test specifications and standards. All major MIL-STD-810 environments are covered, including humidity, solar radiation, fungus, salt fog, rain and ice, as well as synergistic, combined environments testing. Those pursuing the CTS will be exposed to metrology concepts; instrumentation for test and measurement; climatic and environmental test procedures; accelerated testing including ESS, HALT and HASS; concepts of corrosion control and environmental test specifications.

Required Courses

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Required for All Level II Diplomas

Revised 6/6/2018