Electronic Design Specialist (EDS) Diploma Program

For Whom Intended:  The EDS Diploma program is for electronic designers and packaging specialists, environmental test laboratory engineers and technicians, specification writers, equipment designers, and quality and reliability specialists. This program shows how to apply this information to the design and testing of electronic and other hardware. Participants will be exposed to the concepts of analog and digital electronics; metrology concepts; grounding, shielding and test techniques to mitigate the effects of EMI and EMC on electronic equipment; applied measurements; mechanical and structural design; and cooling methods for electronics design including the physics of thermodynamics and heat transfer. Since conventional methods of may not meet the demands of new advanced designs, the instructors discuss some advanced techniques, some of which will set new industry standards in the 21st century. Class projects provide supervised practice in using the course material.

Required Courses

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Required for All Level II Diplomas

Revised 6/6/2018